FDR Training August 10 – 13 Sheraton Phoenix

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for FDR Training 2020 ...


Plus, FDR offers more than 60 workshops and sessions addressing the latest mandates and best practices to resolve EEO, HR, LR, ER, ADR and legal issues.

Also on the program …
a star-studded Opening Plenary:

Igniting FDR! Breaking Through Barriers

Tinisha Agramonte
Tinisha Agramonte
Director, Office of Civil Rights, U.S. Department of Commerce

Justin Hale
Justin Hale
Master Trainer,

Ryan Sallans
Ryan Sallans
International Transgender Speaker, Consultant, Publisher and Author

Barriers to success can come in all shapes and forms — some we can see, and other are invisible or are not spoken of. In a dynamic series of 20-minute stand-up talks, our three presenters will draw on their diverse experiences to tell you about the significant barriers they faced and share their individual strategies for breaking through to success.

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