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Be prepared for changes affecting your federal career with the 2021 Federal Guides — available in print or electronically!

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2021 Federal Personnel Guide | GET YOUR COPY NOW

Much more than just a list of rules and regulations, the Federal Personnel Guide concisely lays out exactly what is expected of you and what you are entitled to as a federal employee — all in one handy resource.

Plus, the Personnel Guide takes it a step further and provides guidance on those tricky situations where you need further details or advice on how to best handle them. Be in the know about the latest changes involving Accountability and Discipline, Pay and Benefits, and much more.

Address the day-to-day challenges you face while trying to build and maintain an effective workforce with the Federal Manager’s Guide®! The Manager’s Guide is packed with guidance based on all the latest laws, regulations and mandated procedures you need to comply with. You learn how to handle employee issues in chapters devoted to Sick Leave, Accountability, Misconduct and Discipline, Labor Relations, and more.

2021 Federal Manager's Guide | GET YOUR COPY NOW
2021 Federal Retirement Guide | GET YOUR COPY NOW

The Retirement Guide walks you step-by-step through what you should be doing right now and how to do it — so you can lay the foundation for a financially secure retirement, whether it’s 5 years or just 10 months away. With all the latest rules and formulas at your fingertips, you can be confident you’re making sound decisions for a worry-free future. Plus, Frequently Asked Questions deliver answers to some of your greatest concerns and uncertainties in straightforward, non-confusing language.

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